Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So that's me with a bald dome and rockin' a couple of cancer accessories on my wrist. The one in yellow is your classic Lance Armstrong LiveStrong bracelet. But what, you may wonder, is its fellow in orange?

That's right, baby! My beloved pal Jared created and ordered these for me. And they're quickly becoming a sensation, I tell you!

Well, I won't say "sensation" (though I just did), but some have asked me how they can get their hands on one of these hot, hot bracelets. Here's the deal: Jared and I can order a re-supply, scaled to how much demand there is out there.

$3 will get you your very own "Luciani Strong" bracelet. That three bucks covers production, shipping, and a modest donation to the Testicular Cancer Resource Center.

How to pay? Well, you can pay through PayPal. Or you can just shoot me an email stating your interest and your intent to pay with cash next time you see me.

As soon as the bracelets come in, I will try to distribute them as effectively as possible. "As effectively as possible" will probably be still somewhat haphazard.

I ain't winning no bike races. If "Luciani Strong" means anything, it means muddling through in a pleasantly average way. Celebrate your own commitment to the pleasantly average by ordering your bracelet today!


Dano said...

Hey, Curtis. Put Collection Agency Films down for 5 bracelets. I can mail you a check, or give you one at the almost imminent "InsurAnimals" recording session.

thetone said...

Enspire is excited about orange bracelets!

Cynthia said...

You know, the lack of topside hair really highlights your eyebrows. Brooke Shields is jealous.

pmm said...

Your eyebrows DO look fantastic. Put Daniel K and Tricia M down for two bracelets--we're in and we're both pulling for you out here in H-town. Take care, kid!