Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Hair's Starting to Go

Yup! In the shower today, I noticed that my hands were covered with sheddings. At the current rate, I'd give it another five days or so.

I am starting to move into the phase I was warned about, where chemo starts to feel like the world's most prolonged hangover. My stomach and throat are inflamed, so it kind of hurts to swallow. I've had a headache for about three days. And Monday's bleomycin shot wiped me the fuck out and sent me to bed for what must have been a good 14 hours.

Unfortunately, the blood test yesterday also revealed that my white blood cell count has gone in the turlet, so today I went back to the clinic for a shot of neulastia. Neulastia makes your bone marrow go apeshit and produce white blood cells like crazy ... which has the unfortunate side effect of making your bones throb painfully. It hasn't started happening to me yet, so we'll see.

Ain't we got fun?


Stephen said...

Good luck my friend. Hang in there.

Broccoli Landers said...

Fuck hair; it's overrated.

Not throbbing bones aren't, however. Let's hope they don't. However, if they do, you can rest comfortably knowing that the Neulasta is working! That, and that your insurance is paying out the ass for dat shit.

Indeed, we DO have fun!