Monday, May 19, 2008

Completely Bald White Guys Addendum I

NB: Patrick Stewart/Jean-Luc Picard does not qualify for the list. Although almost completely bald, Stewart has a visually prominent C-shaped tuft:

It's a judgment call and a little arbitrary. But I vividly remember Stewart's ear-to-ear ring o' hair from watching TNG. It was like a visual counterpoint to Geordi LaForge's sweet wraparound eye thingie.

Professor X

(Stewart shaved his tuft in order to play Prof. X. -- thus, the character qualifies, but Stewart does not.)

CBWG Pros: Psychic powers to the extreme. Provides a way for nerds to understand why Martin Luther King, Jr. was important.
CBWG Cons: A bit of a scold? Also: can't walk.


CBWG Pros: Interestingly, Play is actually a pretty great album to listen to while you're getting chemo.
CBWG Cons: Weenie.


thetone said...

Bald guys rule. I had a major crush on Yul Brynner in the 6th grade and Lex L...he is so handsome.

I'll bet you look great!

Alexis said...

What about Dr. Manhattan?

He's only blue because of his god-like powers, and have you seen his ass?!

Broccoli Landers said...

Matt Holiday?

Maggie said...

And David Cross....

Jerry Fugit said...

Curtis, this blog is amazing. Thanks for putting it up.

Sorry i haven't seen you in awhile man. it's good to be able to get updates though on this blog. Hopefully I'll see you soon.

Andy said...

John Locke. No, not the British Empiricist -- the guy from Lost.