Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Have Not Seen the New David Mamet Martial Arts Movie "Redbelt," but I Imagine It Contains Memorable Scenes Like the Following

MAIN GUY: "I don't fight for money."
SOME KIND OF SHADY GUY, PROBABLY RICKY JAY: "Fight, fuck. You hit. People. In the face. In the balls. You think your ungreased palm hurts less a mother slamming on some poor fucker's nose?"

MAIN GUY: "I told him I don't fight for money."
MAIN GUY'S WIFE OR GIRLFRIEND OR WHATEVER: "$30,000 isn't money, it's money. Money isn't money if it's $30,000. It's $30,000, it's -- fuck!"
MAIN GUY: "We don't need it."
MAIN GUY'S WIFE OR GIRLFRIEND OR WHATEVER: "We don't need $3,000. Everyone needs $30,000."

TIM ALLEN, WHO I THINK PLAYS A BIG FIGHT FAN OR SOMETHING: "All I have is 'wow' -- I mean, the things you did in there, the way you picked them apart. That kind of speed, how you read them."
MAIN GUY, WHO JUST BEAT UP SOME GUYS: "Don't fight anyone who can fight himself."
TIM ALLEN: "You gotta -- look, you have to show me just one thing, just ... when he was coming up behind you --"
MAIN GUY: "The fist never strikes the body. The body strikes the fist. The body strikes the fist."

In any case, I hope it's as good as The Edge:

One day everyone will get over Glengarry Glen Ross and realize that that was Mamet's true masterpiece.

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Michael said...

Tim Allen: "There's no fuckin' karate involved in this. Teach."

Redman: "No."

Tim Allen: "Well, great."

Redman: "It's shaolin."