Sunday, June 8, 2008

All Hail The Swayz

As though playing Dalton in Roadhouse and Bodhi in Point Break didn't already eternally seal his place in the Badass Hall of Fame, Patrick Swayze has re-established his bona fides by delivering a roundhouse kick to cancer's stupid, ugly face.

Pancreatic cancer is as close to a guaranteed death sentence as you can get, and the fact that The Swayz has not only outlasted it for this long but now has his doctors' permission to get back to work is a huge deal.

I think we could all stand to take some words of wisdom from the man himself:

Be nice.

Until it's time to not be nice.


thetone said...

Innovative way to run a company meeting! I like this....

Keegan E said...

you know what else about the swayze? he got his start as a dancer for american ballet theater! mr. BIG time!
go curtis go curtis!

Steph said...

"trustees of modern chemistry" What does that even refer to? God I love this movie. Nay, I love this film.